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2017-2018 School Supply List

2017-2018 Sierra Lutheran High School Student Supply List

The following items are used in most classes:

Personal device (laptop, tablet, etc.)

Student Planner

Composition Books

3 Ring Binders with Tabs

Lined Loose Leaf Paper

Pens & Pencils

Pack of 12 colored pencils


Glue Stick


Index Cards

Dry Erase Markers

Post-It notes

Book Covers

Fine-tipped pen to write in Study Bibles

Scientific Calculator

Students in Pre-calculus and AP Calculus are required to have a Graphing Calculator (T83/84).  Students in lower level math classes are required to have a Scientific Calculator.  However, if a student plans to reach Pre-Calculus or AP Calculus, you may want to invest in the graphing calculator which can also be used in the lower level math classes. All seniors will need a calculator for economics which will be taught the second semester of Government.


Special Requirements

Algebra, Geometry, AP Calculus

Non-spiral notebook or 3 ring binder with loose leaf paper

Algebra II

Spiral bound graph paper notebook (4 squares per inch)


8 x 10 or larger sketch pad

Extra long pencil box (usually available at Staples)


Flash Drive

Camera (if you have one)

All Spanish classes

Ear buds or headphones

Psychology and Government

Spiral Bound Notebook (3 or 5 subject size) for our interactive notebooks

One subject notebook for journaling


Additional supplies may be needed, however students will be given ample time to acquire any additional items.