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Choosing a College

Finding the School with the “Best Fit”

What Are You Looking For? The options can seem overwhelming! Discussing the answers to these questions will help you “filter” your college options.

  • What is your preferred geographic location?
  • Would you prefer an urban or rural setting?
  • If you prefer an urban setting, is there a specific city you have in mind?
  • Big school (5,000 +), Medium-sized (2,500 – 5,000), Small (under 2,500)?
  • Do you think you might prefer a private school, public school, doesn’t matter?
  • Possible majors? If not sure, what subjects do you like the best?
  • What are your extra curricular interests?
  • What activities (e.g. clubs, organizations, sports, fraternities/sororities, etc.) would you like to pursue in college?

This survey on collegetrends.org can help you find the answers.

Explore Further

Find Your Options with the collegeboard.org College Search finder.

Compare Colleges with the College Navigator.

College Fairs & Virtual Tours: get a feel for the colleges you’re interested in.

College Fairs:

Meet college representatives in person.

  • Christian College Fairs are held across the country, including in the Bay Area and Las Vegas, in the fall. See the NACCAP website for details.
  • NACAC National College Fair information is on the NACAC website.
  • WACAC College Fairs are held at locations throughout central and northern California and in Las Vegas in the spring. Reno’s annual fair is held in the fall.
Virtual Tours:

Visit on the internet.