SLHS Theater Program Excels

SLHS Theater Program Excels

On April 28th, the Sierra Lutheran Theatre Department reached a significant milestone. For the first time in its history, the department awarded letters to its many deserving thespians. Students were awarded pins and/or bars based on their levels of involvement throughout the school year(s). Under the direction of Martin Kois, this is the third year that the department has held classes in addition to being an extracurricular activity. Coming on the heels of an exceptional Spring Production that featured not one, but two plays – one of which was student directed – this season has proved to be a tremendous success that speaks to the maturation and excellence of the SLHS Theater Department. 

Students marked with an asterisk lettered, students marked with a dagger received a bar (given for every additional year of lettering).

Hannah Martinez*††

Maddie Alexander*†

Molly McKee*†

Alexandra Zoellner*†

Matthew “Ed” Edelman*†

Grecia Jimenez*†

Emma Herron*†

Claire Cochran*

Blake Ranalla*

Macey Creek*

Steven Flanagan*

Nathanial Iannacchione*

Elaina Marchegger*

Brandon Hall*

Daniel Barulich*

Brad Denney*

Brennan Pott*

Bradford “Luke” Shepard*

Kyle Robertson*